We will strengthen our solidarity with Qatar: Erdogan

President Erdogan has announced upon his departure for Qatar that he and his government plan to strengthen their ties with the country with the visit.

“We will strengthen our solidarity with Qatar and sign new agreements” said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a speech today before departing for the country from Istanbul Airport, “I will also be visiting Abu Dhabi in February” he said.

“I hope our bilateral relations will be much more productive from now on, given how far we have come in recent years,” he said. These visits come in the wake of a promise of investment from Abu Dhabi in Turkey as the Turkish lira is in free fall.

“We are trying to improve our cooperation with countries in the Gulf, including Qatar. We welcome diplomatic efforts to reopen dialogue in the Gulf region and to clear up misunderstandings. Turkey is pleased by our cooperation, solidarity and future relations with all Gulf countries,” Erdogan said.

The value of projects given to Turkish businessmen in Qatar totals near USD 15bn, he added.

Regarding ongoing minimum wage discussions, Erdogan said, “We will definitely not put our workers in further trouble at this point. We will make our final decision by determining the most appropriate and ideal minimum wage, both gross and net. Both employers and workers should be satisfied with the decision.

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