ODAS to invest in Israeli Nanosono to produce antibacterial fabrics


ODAS Elektrik, a company operating primarily in the electric and mining industries, has inked a cooperation deal with the Israel-based nanotechnology company Nanosono. As part of the agreement, ODAS will invest in the development of the Israeli firm’s antibacterial and antiviral technology operations. The partnership will also build a manufacturing plant in Turkey to produce coated antibacterial fabrics and textile products.

“The joint development will provide value to advanced antibacterial brands in the textile market, particularly in the current era when demand for antibacterial solutions is at its peak,” said Ori Bar Chaim, CEO of Nanosono.

With this agreement, ODAS Elektrik is launching a new business line into the textiles industry. Although the size of the investment isn’t clear, it is estimated to be at least a few million dollars.

“This collaboration will help realize ODAS’ vision of providing solutions in various industries. We’ll use our top of the line industrial capabilities and engineers to develop in this sector,” said Burak Altay, CEO of ODAS Elektrik.

Antibacterial fabrics produced by ODAS Elektrik will be marketed around the world by Nanosono.

ODAS currently carries out operations in electricity generation, electricity retailing, natural gas sales, mining, and mining sales. The company is listed on Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Founded in 2015, Nanosono develops implementable antibacterial solutions for various products and surfaces.

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