Time out alternatives for June 7-13

Moving Memories

Istanbul-based art space Fisekhane presents a new group exhibition in cooperation with the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation (CIF) and Borusan Contemporary. Presenting the works of 16 artists, the exhibition focuses on the contemporary era where technology has an undeniable impact on art through metropolitan cities like Istanbul. The artists aim to make the audience think about the similarities and differences between natural and artificial spaces, creating a morphologic connection between the repetitions in their pieces and the geometrical architecture of Fisekhane. The duality seen in the installment of some of the works, consisting of photographs, is not a coincidence. They focus on the movement of light and new media installations that are created through new technologies allow the audience to witness the impact of the ever-developing technology on art. Curated by Ayca Okay, the exhibition presents the works of Olaf Otto Becker, Laurent Bolognini, Daniel Canogar, Alan Rath, teamLAb, Frank Thiel, Michael Wolf and many more.

The exhibition is available at Fisekhane from Monday to Friday between 10:30am and 7pm.


Kalyon Kultur’s new group exhibition brings the works of seven artists together starting June 10. Curated by Sezgi Abali, the exhibition interrogates the process of observation and the mechanisms that transform natural scenes into art through the concept of time, labor and detail. From painting ton installation and performance, the works of Ali Ibrahim Ocal, Ahmet Duru, Ayse Gul Suter, Melis Buyruk, Sadik Ari, Umut Sevgul and Barbaros Kayan invite the audience to witness the creative process of art.

The exhibition is available at Kalyon Kultur from Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 5 pm.


KOLI Art Space’s second exhibition highlights the concept of surveillance, featuring the works of Basak Bugay, Ahmet Rustem Ekici, Tuba Gecgel, Can Kucuk, Berkay Tuncay and Esref Yildirim. Providing a multi-disciplinary look at voyeurism, the exhibition is shaped through the concepts of privacy, the relationship between looking and peeping, exposure, private space and gender roles.

The exhibition is available at KOLI Art Space from Tuesday to Saturday between 1pm and 6pm.


Independent art platform Beykoz Kundura’s film screenings continue with the 2018-documentary, The Feminister. Directed by Viktor Nordenskiold, the film follows the political adventures of Margot Wallstrom, who served as the Interior Minister of Sweden between 2014 and 2019 and is known for her feminist propaganda. The film focuses on Wallstrom’s battles in the global political arena and the price she paid for them.

The movie is available at kundurama. beykozkundura.com


Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra (BIPO) hosts Domingo Hindoyan, who started his musical studies as a violinist in the famous Venezuelan musical education program, El Sistema. For this concert, Hindoyan will present Brahms’ Variations and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No.3, both of which are considered to be gems of the orchestral music repertoire.

The concert is available on borusansanat.tv.


Gru Art Gallery is hosting a group exhibition which stands on the digital threshold and simultaneously looks back to paper, declaring a farewell and a tribute. The exhibition, where all works are created on paper, includes 10 artists: Beyza Boynudelik, Cemal Demir, Gokhan Deniz, Bedia Ekiz, Guler Guclu, Meltem Sarikaya and Sevket Sonmez.

The exhibition is available at Gru Art Gallery from Monday to Friday between 11am and 7pm.


Busra Kayikci, a Turkish pianist and one Turkey’s emerging representatives of neoclassic music, takes the digital stage of Zorlu PSM. Although a faculty of architecture graduate, Kayikci pursued her dream in music. After releasing her first album, Eskizler, independently in 2019, her single from the same album was used as a soundtrack by the New York Theater Ballet.

Tickets are available at passo.com.tr.


Versus Art Project hosts the new solo exhibition of Turkish artist SABO. Structured around the fiction of past, present and future, the exhibition opens the door to an adventure through time through the figures the artist presents. SABO steps out of the moment, a concept we fight to stay in and never miss, and takes a look at the concept of time as a whole through paintings and statues.

The exhibition is available at Versus Art Project from Monday to Saturday between 11am and 7pm.


Atelier Marvy’s new exhibition takes a stab at the most popular issue of our time: environmental sustainability. Inspired by Turkish poet Can Yucel’s poem with the same name, the exhibition sheds a light on one of the most crucial decisions that humankind will take regarding the environment. The exhibition displays the works of 16 artists, including Isik Guner, Horasan, Su Yucel, Camila Rocha, Canan and Bedri Baykam and seeks an answer to one question: Shall we run toward the green or run to seize it?

The exhibition is available at Atelier Marvy every day from 12pm to 7pm.


The winner of the Sabanci Foundation’s Fifth Short Film Competition Water is Life is now digitally available. In parallel to this year’s theme, which aimed to draw attention to the climate crisis, Anil Gok’s 2020-film tells the story of people who are trying to save dying fish in a drying pond.

The film is available on Sabanci Foundation’s Youtube channel.


Pi Artworks Istanbul will host Maude Maris’ works rooted around the ideas of the vicinity, morphological symmetry and symbiosis in animal species. The exhibition, which is Maris’ third solo exhibition at the gallery, brings together newly-commissioned oil paintings in which she focuses on animal figures as well as ideas around zoology and microbiology.

The exhibition is available at Pi Artworks Istanbul from Tuesday to Saturday between 12pm and 6pm.


MUBI presents Turkish director Umit Unal’s new film, Love, Spells and All That. The film tells the story of Eren and Reyhan, who had a love affair when they were young. Eren is the daughter of a powerful MP while Reyhan is the daughter of the housekeeper in their summerhouse in Buyukada. Eren returns to the island 20 years later and the story begins.

The film is available on mubi.com.


Ferda Art Platform presents a group exhibition from artists Huseyin Aksoy, Mert Diner, Ahmet Duru, Bugra Erol, Murat Germen, Ilgin Seymen, Eda Soylu and Nazim Unal Yilmaz. The multidisciplinary exhibition presents works created through the interaction of the different creative processes of each artist.

The exhibition is available at Ferda Art Platform from Monday to Friday between 11am and 7pm.

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