Daily natural gas consumption reached a record high of 274 million cubic meters on January 18, according to data compiled by Turkey’s state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company, BOTAS. The previous record was set on January 8, 2019, when consumption totaled 245 million cubic meters. Natural gas consumption increased due to the cold weather and a rise in household gas consumption during the COVID -19 restrictions and lockdowns. Natural gas inflow to Turkey’s gas network saw an increase of 6.38% on a year-on-year basis to 50 billion cubic meters in 2020, compared to 47 billion cubic meters in 2019. As Turkey’s natural gas export volume is relatively low, total consumption is expected to be close to the inflow volume. In 2017, Turkey saw the highest inflow level in the country’s history of 53.86 billion cubic meters.

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