PTA and Polymer/Chips facility in Adana to be subsidized

PTA and Polymer/Chips facility in Adana to be subsidized

Project-based state aid will be given to the investment of pure a terephthalic acid (PTA) and polymer/chips production facility to be established in Adana. According to the relevant Presidential decision published in the Official Gazette, the investment period has been determined as 6 years from the start date of August 1, 2020. In case the investment cannot be realized within the stipulated time, an additional period of half the time may be granted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The fixed investment amount of the project, which is an investment in product diversification and expansion, will be TRY 11.3bn and 1,350 additional employment will be provided. The number of qualified personnel for the project was determined as 28. At the end of the investment period, the facility will have an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of PTA and 665,000 tonnes of polymer/chips.

Agreements with Mongolia and Uzbekistan become official

The administrative agreement concerning the implementation of social security agreements between Turkey and Mongolia and an agreement related to making grants to Uzbekistan in the field of health have been approved. According to the agreement, signed with Mongolia on March 7, 2018 in Ankara, the liaison institutions Social Security Institution (SGK) General Directorate of Pensioner Services and Mongolia Social Insurance General Directorate Social Insurance Policy Implementation Unit will be authorized to take the necessary measures and provide administrative assistance to implement the administrative agreement. According to the agreement signed in Ankara on May 20, 2020, 50 ventilators will be given to Uzbekistan as a goodwill gesture.

Urgent expropriation decisions in Kirklareli

Some immovables need to be urgently expropriated for natural gas pipeline projects to be carried out in various provinces of Turkey. According to the President’s decision on the issue, parts of the Malkoçlar-Ankara Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Trakyagaz Delta Energy Natural Gas Pipeline and Akmaya Natural Gas Pipeline routes that intersect with the “Halkali-Kapikule High Speed Train Line” project will be displaced. For this purpose, immovables, fixed facilities to be built, access roads, energy transmission lines, cathodic protection lines and immovables needed for the construction of anode beds that intersect the route of this line and located within the borders of Kirklareli and Luleburgaz will be expropriated by state-owned pipelines and petrol transportation company BOTAS.

Attraction Centers Program Evaluation Committee to meet in case of need

A decision has been made to convene the Attraction Centers Program Evaluation Committee, composed of the treasury and finance and energy and natural resources ministers under the coordination of the Minister of Industry and Technology, to evaluate investment projects when needed. Previously, the committee had to meet at least 4 times a year in accordance with the legislation.

20% increase in the minimum wage for attorneys

New fees have been determined for lawyers for legal aid, lawsuits, and other legal transactions. The new attorney minimum fee schedule prepared by the Bar Association of Turkey was published in the Official Gazette on November 24, 2020 and came into force. Accordingly, the minimum wage for a lawyer has increased by around 20%. The lawyer fee has been increased from TRY 9,250 lira to TRY 11,100 for non-trial works international jurisdictions and from TRY 16,000 to TRY 19,200 for trials.

Takasbank to operate in energy market

Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank TAKASBANK is npw allowed to give cash clearing and guarantee services for transactions in the Future Electricity Market and Organized Renewable Energy Sources Warranty Market after a communique published by the Central Bank of a Republic of Turkey (CBRT) in the Official Gazette

Customs tax on crude sunflower oil adjusted

With an additional Presidential Decree on the Import Regime Decision, the customs duties on raw sunflower oil were rearranged in order to ensure supply security and price stability in basic foods within the scope of the developments in the world markets due to COVID-19.

Borders of Yalova University Technology Development Zone determined

The area of 49,955 square meters in the Yalova central, Bahcelievler neighborhood was determined as Yalova University’s Technology Development Zone with a Presidential decree.

Marmara University Technology Development Zone borders changed

The borders of Marmara University’s Technology Development Zone in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district, Cubukcibasi neighborhood, have been changed. According to the President’s decision published in the Official Gazette, the area of the region was determined as 4,414 square meters. The region’s sketch and coding list was also included in the decision annex.

Geothermal resource tender in Izmir Dikili canceled

The tender of the Izmir Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate of Izmir Governorship, for the annual use of the T2 and T3 wells located in the geothermal resource operating license area in Dikili district over for three years with an estimated price of TRY 333,661 excluding VAT, has been canceled.

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