We won’t pay back loans got for Canal Istanbul: Kilicdaroglu

“Why doesn’t Erdogan tell the truth about USD 128bn and share it with people,” asked Republican People’s Party (CHP) Leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, reminding that he (Erdogan) said he would resolutely clamp down corruption when his party came into power during the establishment of the Investigation Committee of Corruption. “This is the question that needs to be answered,” Kilicdaroglu said.

Speaking during a television interview with news channel T24, CHP leader said regarding the Canal Istanbul project that he visited the project area, and the region is an extraordinary wonder of nature. “When we come into power, we’ll hold those foreign countries at arm’s length, which will participate in tender and we won’t pay their money,” warned Kilicdaroglu, claiming that the region will be destroyed with the Canal Istanbul. “If one of our banks provide them loan, it will also pay the same price. Turkey isn’t a country to be robbed and to get unearned income,” he added.

Kilicdaroglu addressed Soylu

CHP Leader Kilicdaroglu also answered the questions about the photo of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu’s visit to the Tomb of Mehmed the Conqueror where he ‘committed a crime’ by clasping his hands behind the back, according to Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu.

“Imamoglu’s photo was a crime yet permission won’t be given for investigation. If you don’t give a permission for investigation, then you are also guilty. Soylu also accepts what he said wasn’t true. He developed such a discourse to ingratiate himself somehow with Erdogan,” said Kilicdaroglu.

“If politicians and mafia collaborate and they convey to solve their problems through mafia in some way, Turkey will evolve into a different process,” he added.

Kilicdaroglu also said they will pursue claims regarding the sanitary purchase of the Ministry of Trade. “We’ll put our signatures to set up a commission in this respect. We’ll open it for signature to all deputies in the Parliament,” Kilicdaroglu added.

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