Unemployment remained steady in November

The unemployment remained unchanged at 11.2% in November, according to data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). The number of unemployed aged 15 and over increased by 39,000 in November 2021 compared to the previous month, reaching 3,777,000 people. The non-agricultural unemployment rate is 13.1%. The number of employed people increased by 228,000 in month over month, reaching 29,855,000, while the employment rate increased by 0.3 points to 46.6%. 

The unemployment rate for those aged 15-24 increased by 1.7 points to 22.3% compared to last month, while the overall employment rate increased by 0.1 points to 33.2%. The labor force participation rate in this age group, however, increased by 1.2 points to 42.8% month over month.

The number of people employed increased by 49,000 people in agriculture, by 73,000 people in the industrial sector, by 10,000 people in the construction sector, and 96,000 people in the services sector in November. The rates of employment are 17.1%, 21.6%, 6.1%, and 55.2% in the agriculture, industry, construction, and services sector, respectively. 

Seasonally-adjusted composite measure of labor underutilization declined to 22.1%

The seasonally-adjusted composite measure of labor underutilization, consisting of time-dependent underemployment, potential labor force, and unemployment data, dropped by 0.7 points to 22.1% in November on a monthly basis. The combined rate of time-related underemployment and unemployment reached 15.4%, while the combined rate of the potential labor force and unemployment stood at 18.2% in the same period. 

Informal employment in the non-agricultural sector hit 17.9%

The rate of unregistered employment, which demonstrates the share of employed people who aren’t affiliated with social security institutions, decreased by 0.7 points to 29.0% of total employment in November 2021, as compared to November 2020. The rate of unregistered employment in the non-agricultural sector declined by 1.2 points to 17.9% in the same period. 

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