TurkTraktor solves raw material issue


Koc Holding subsidiary TurkTraktor has been focused on local solutions in manufacturing to overcome shortages in spare parts supply and has begun manufacturing some parts with additional investments made in its production plant, according to Aykut Ozuner, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of TurkTraktor. “We have focused on creating alternative resources to remove uncertainties in the supply chain,” said Ozuner. “Our solutions include manufacturing some parts ourselves with additional investments in our facility.” TurkTraktor increased its retail sales by 71% to 9,381 units in Q1 2021 and raised its foreign sales by 2% in Q1, covering 88% of the country’s total tractor exports. The company raised its turnover to TRY 2.7bn based on output growth and its total production reached 13,208 units in this period. “We hold 191 patents and we have invested TRY 300m in the last five years,” said Ozuner.

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