Time out alternatives for March 22-28

16th Akbank Short Film Festival

Akbank Sanat invites film lovers to enjoy a socially-distanced film screening at the 16th Akbank Short Film Festival. Aiming to encourage short film production and support new filmmakers, Akbank Sanat has developed into one of the leading arts and cultural events centers in Istanbul since 2004. In addition to national and international short film competitions, the festival includes various workshops, interviews and masterclasses, thus acting as an experience-sharing platform between cinema professionals and film lovers. The festival consists of eight sections and the program includes films that have competed at the world’s leading film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice. The program offers over 100 short films, including Gokalp Gonen’s Avarya, the winner of the best national film, Daria Kashcheeva’s Daughter, the winner of best international film and Sandra Peso’s Bimba, the winner of the best screenplay.

For more information visit akbanksanat.com.


Turkish artist First Engin’s new exhibition dives into consumer society, globalization, the cultural marketplace and politics in his new exhibition at Gallery Siyah Beyaz. Known for his unique installations, Engin deals with topics he has chosen among the events both experienced in Turkey and worldwide in the last 20 years such as the 9/11 attack, the Arab Spring, Refugee Crisis, #BlackLivesMatter protests and the COVID-19 pandemic with a skeptical and critical perspective.

The exhibition is available at Gallery Siyah Beyaz from Monday to Saturday between 11am and 7pm.


Sabanci University’s art initiative Kasa Gallery presents a new group exhibition. Curated by Yekhan Pinarligil, the exhibition displays the works of Marguerite Bornhauser, Cinar Eslek and Semiha Berksoy. Including painting and photography, the works at the exhibition explore the relationship of skin and color through the artists’ creative processes.

The exhibition is available at Kasa Gallery from Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm.


Pilevneli Gallery will present the latest work of renowned new media artist Refik Anadol. Machine Memoirs: Space will be Anadol’s third exhibition at Pilevneli. Known for his parametric works created through data sculpture and audio/visual performance with an immersive installation approach, Anadol’s latest installations will also be displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition is available at Pilevneli Gallery from Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm.


Galeri Fe hosts Turkish painter Seyit Mehmet Bucukoglu in a new solo exhibition. The morpheme, the smallest meaningful unit in a language, is the main theme in Bucukoglu’s works. Decontextualized, the free-floating unit expresses ambiguities and uncertainty and forces the viewer to re-think meaning and understanding.

The exhibition is available at Galeri Fe from Tuesday to Saturday between 11am and 7pm.


Turkish photographer Gorkem Ergun ties together the “nature” of men by playing with the “nature” of photography at his new solo exhibition at the in dependent art platform Martch Art Project. “Questioning the visible may lead to questioning the eye, and interfering with the eye to the liberation of the visible,” Ergun says of the exhibition.

The exhibition is available at Martch Art Project from Tuesday to Saturday between 12pm and 6pm.


Pera Film presents Lost Winds, the online film screening section of the Crystal Clear exhibition. The program includes four films about the relationship between humans and soil that was the theme of works in the exhibition. The program is comprised of three films by Caryn Cline, who has been producing experimental films on shades of color and space for more than two decades, and Zephyr, Belma Bas’s first feature narrative film about a child confronting the reality of death.

The films are available at peramuseum.org/film.


Bahariye International Art Gallery presents a new online exhibition in collaboration with the Bahcelievler Memorial hospital. The exhibition presents paintings by 22 artists including Aylin Atac, Bilge Akon, Ecevit Uresin and Hatice Keten. The multimedia exhibition, including paintings and photographs, aims to emphasize the curative power of art.

The exhibition is available at bahariyesanat.com.

Camerata Barok Istanbul

Camerata Barok Istanbul will be the guest of Is Sanat’s online concert event on March 25. The orchestra – Ceren Gurkan, Gizem Korkmaz Gulmen, Aysen Tozenis, Ezgi Karasu, Kahraman Seref, Yelda Cansun, Burak Kayan, Burak Ayranci, Caglayan Cetin, Ceren Akcali and Muge Hendekli – will be accompanied by countertenor Kaan Buldular.

The concert will be available on Is Sanat’s Youtube channel on Thursday at 8:30pm

Cem Babacan

Yeldegirmeni Art Center also presents Turkish pianist Cem Babacan as part of its Wednesday Classics event. Babacan, who has been described as “a surprisingly successful artist who mastered his instrument at a young age” by the renowned British conductor Howard Griffiths, will perform a piano recital for Turkish classic music lovers.

Tickets are available at bilet.kadikoy.bel.tr.

Senay Ocak Trio

Turkish singer Senay Ocak will be the guest of the Kadikoy-based art initiative Yeldegirmeni Art center on Friday. Ocak will be accompanied by Baki Duyarlar on piano and Enver Muhamedi on double bass. The trio will perform compositions by contemporary American artists.

Tickets are available at bilet.kadikoy.bel.tr.

Trio Kuvars Viyolet

Cemal Resit Rey (CRR) Concert Hall presents the Trio Kuvars Viyolet, a chamber music trio that formed in 2014. The trio, which consists of Jerfi Aji on piano, Evrim Guvemli on clarinet and Rahsan Apay on the violoncello, will perform compositions by various musicians, including Marco Tajcevic, Armagan Durdag and Robert Muczynski.

The concert will be available on CRR’s Youtube channel on Thursday

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