The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) has announced the first ‘Sustainability Action Plan’ for the textile industry, which globally represents the fifth largest exporter and the second largest in Europe. The plan, prepared jointly with the Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Associations (ITHIB), aims to increase Turkey’s market share in global exports by implementing a transformation to help the industry comply with the European Green Deal. “The plan will promote all exporting sectors in addition to outlining sectoral roadmaps,” said Ismail Gulle, Chairman of TIM. The sector will take concrete steps on a variety of issues, such as wastewater recovery, energy efficiency and recycling. “These goals can be achieved only with a common vision of the public-private partnership,” said Ahmet Oksuz, ITHIB Chairman “Environmentally-conscious sustainable production is not an option for Turkey and the world but an obligation. The Sustainability Action Plan we prepared is important to protect our competitive power and create further long-term value added,” said Zeki Kivanc, Deputy Chairman of TIM.

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