Road motor vehicle registrations up in March

Over 97,974 road motor vehicles were registered in Turkey in March, up 47.2% on a monthly basis, according to the the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).

“Cars accounted for 50.9%, followed by motorcycles 25.7%, small trucks 13.5%, tractors 5.5%, trucks 3.2%,” TurkStat said.

In terms of the distribution of trademarks for the new registered cars in March, Renault took the lion’s share with 13.8%, followed by Volkswagen 10.0%, Fiat 9.5% and Hyundai 7.8%.

Meanwhile, in the January-March period, compared to the same period last year, the number of registered vehicles decreased by 25.7% to 240,370 while the number of withdrawn road motor vehicles decreased by 14.1% to 10,164.

Among 126,121 cars registered in the first three months, the share of gasoline-fueled cars was 70.4% followed by diesel-fueled cars with 16.6%, electric or hybrid cars with 10.6% and LPG-fueled cars with 2.4%.

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