Operating in the rice and legumes market, Reis Gida aims to increase e-export activities and to further take part in dealers and chain stores in order to raise the global market share, according to Mehmet Reis, Chairman of the Board of Reis Gida. The company currently exports to 16 countries including the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada and Belgium. Reis Gida’s export turnover rose by 137% in 2020, compared to the previous year, while its export tonnage increased by 79%. The company also launched its Reis Royal varieties consisting of 23 different products including mung bean, wild rice, flax seed, buckwheat, quinoa and beluga lentil. “We increased employment by 10% in 2020 and we also made production and performance more efficient,” said Reis. The company’s domestic sales turnover also rose by 24.34% in 2020, compared to the previous year. Reis Gida’s total tonnage of domestic and foreign sales increased by 5.69% in the same period.

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