Motor vehicle registrations surge 47.3% in Q1

The number of registered road motor vehicles increased by 47.3% to 323,635, while the number of withdrawn motor vehicles dropped by 15.2% to 11,836 in Q1, compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat). Thus, the country’s registered motor vehicles reached 311,799 in this period.

Meanwhile, the number of registered vehicles taking to the country’s roads have totaled 24,454,396 as of March.

A total of 130,420 new and old vehicles were registered in March. Accordingly, automobiles accounted for 61.3%, followed by motorcycles with 15.4%, small trucks 13.8%, tractors 5.7%, trucks 2.6%, minibuses with 0.5%, buses with 0.4% and special purpose vehicles 0.3%.

The number of road vehicle registrations rose by 71.8% in March, compared to February, which also surged 81% on annual basis.

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