Methodology changed: Unemployment is 12.2% in January

Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), which started to share labor force statistics with the new methodology as of today, announced the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate as 12.2% in January. The youth unemployment rate was recorded as 24.7% while seasonally adjusted unemployment was calculated as 13.4 %. Starting to release within the revised data method, TurkStat announced the labor force idle as 29.1 %.

TurkStat, which has changed its calculation method, will share labor force data regarding independent monthly estimates instead of quarterly moving averages. With the previous method, the unemployment data for the last period was at the level of 12.9%.

3.8 million unemployed

The number of unemployed people in Turkey aged 15 and over decreased by thousand persons in January compared to the previous month and became 3.8 million. Unemployment rate realized as 12.2% with 0.4 percentage point decrease.

The number of employed people increased by 822,000 people to 27.7 million people in January 2021 compared to the previous month, and the employment rate was 43.8 % with an increase of 1.2 points.

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