Mediterra Capital acquires MTS and Kartek Holding


Netherlands-based Mediterra Capital buys MTS Teknoloji Yatirimlari and Kartek Holding, which brings together names such as Murat Sancak and Murat Vargı, the leading names of the technology sector. Mediterra Capital sat at the table to take over 100% of MTS Technology and 76% of Kartek Holding. The parties have applied to the Competition Authority and the transaction will be examined and approved in the coming days, according to sources close with the matter. If the agreement is reached, Mediterra will sit in the management chair of MTS and Kartek with the fund called Fintech Solution S.a.r.l, its Luxembourg-based unit.

Mediterra Capital recently acquired the wrap (durum) chain Durumle Gida last month. Known for its investments in the food sector such as Tavuk Dunyası, Terra Pizza, Lucky Fish and Soke Un, Mediterra Capital’s other aeras of interest are technology and software.

The company has investments and partnerships in companies such as ACP, Logo Business Solutions, Micro Payment, Mobiliz, Glasshouse and targets fastest growing companies in Turkey. Mediterra Capital’s investors include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Dutch development bank FMO, the world’s second largest private equity fund manager Alpinvest, and financial giants Siguler Guff. 

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