Isbank has decided to appoint Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Information Technologies (IT) Division Head Sabri Gokmenler and Division Head of Enterprise Architecture Sezgin Lule as Assistant General Managers following the bank’s necessary permissions notifications to the Banking Regulation and Supervisory Board (BDDK). Sabri Gokmenler graduated from Middle East Technical University’s Department of Computer Engineering. Joining the Isbank Family in 1991 as software specialist, he worked in its subsidiary Softtech between 2000-2008. He started work as IT Arhitecture and Security Division Head of Isbank in 2008 and became CTO and IT Division Head in 2012. Lule graduated from Bogazici Univeristy’s Department of Industrial Engineering in 1998. He started working as •rganization and Method Assistant Specialist at the Organizations Department of Softtech in 1998 and was appointed as Assistant Inspector at the Board of Inspection in 1999. He worked as Deputy Manager and Unit Manager between 2008-2011 at the Project and Change Management Department. Lule became Division Head of Enterprise Architecture at Isbank in April 2017.

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