Häfele eyes a 70% growth for 2022


Germany-based international furniture fittings and architectural hardware manufacturer Hafele’s Turkey operation aims to achieve 70% growth in 2022, according to Hafele Turkey and Regional CEO Hilmi Uytun. Hafele Turkey grew by 50% in 2021. 

“We’ve become preferred during the pandemic and the supply chain crisis because of our strong stock. Our dealers have started to rapidly grow as a result of our stocks, products, and solutions,” said Uytun. 

The company has developed its “Hafele Concept” business idea with Hafele Concept Design Centers, which consumers can visit to get a better idea of how these goods would look in their homes.

“We have received many dealership applications and we are aiming to be more accessible by extending our dealership network. Our Hafele Concept business idea has legs and many local brands have started to implement it,” said Uytun. 

Hafele Turkey, which is responsible for the Turkish, Cypriot, and Georgian markets, oversees a large amount of indirect exports with its international contractors and furniture exporters, according to Uytun. “Many of our manufacturing customers have increased their exports to the U.S. and Europe this year. We expect a significant growth here,” Uytun added. 

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