Fluctuations do not reflect the potential of the economy: Erdogan


The President and the AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the latest fluctuations in the markets do not reflect the basis, real dynamics, potential and the future of the Turkish economy. Calling on the new constitution, Erdogan stated that they aim to reach the new constitution target in 2022 first quarter. Family, education and culture will be the locomotive of the policies in the coming period, said the president. 

Erdogan announced the “2023 manifesto” in his speech at the 7th Ordinary Grand Congress of the AK Party, which lasted about 2 hours. Speaking about the 2023 goals as well as the 2053 vision, Erdogan also gave economic messages. “The indicators in the public finance and the finance sector point out that Turkey has a stronger structure than many developed and developing countries,” said Erdogan. 

To citizens: Invest your gold into the economy 

Reminding announcement of the economy reform calendar, “Now is the time to work more, to produce, to step on the gas, to walk to our goals,” said Erdogan. Calling on citizens who hold foreign currency and gold in their homes, Erdogan said, “I want them to invest the foreign currency and gold in their homes, which are our national wealth, into various financial instruments and bring them into the economy and production. Financial institutions, especially participation finance companies, offer alternatives for these gold and foreign currencies that can provide their customers with a satisfactory return.”

To business people: Bring your sources to Turkey 

Calling on the business people Erdogan asked them to bring their resources abroad to Turkey without any concerns by taking advantage of the law on repatriation, which will be effective until June 30. Erdogan also made a call to foreign investors to have confidence in the power and the potential of Turkey. “Do not pay attention to those who are in race to denigrate their own country by endlessly complaining on how much trouble we are in. Turkey draws it strength from the robust infrastructure of its economy, from manufacturing, skilled human resources, the entrepreneur, the exporters, in short, from its reel economy” Erdogan said. 

A transparent civil constitution process ahead

Turkey’s discussion of a new and civilian constitution is the inevitable result of both our own history and developing world conditions, Erdogan said. “We want a constitution just as the constitution the nation wants to be governed by. The new institution should have human in its soul, the 84-million with all their diversities, richness and dreams.”

Stating that the new constitution will be prepared as a product of an open and transparent process, “The text of the new Constitution, which will come out with the widest possible consensus, will definitely be submitted to the approval of the nation. From here, I appeal to everyone, especially political parties, to take responsibility for the new Constitution. Let’s leave our ideological, status related and personal walls and our expositions aside and give Turkey a new constitution that has a soul to carry the country at least for a century. We are in it and ready for it.”

Family, education, culture to lead the policies 

Family, education and culture will constitute the locomotive of our policies in the coming period, the President said. “Turkey’s 2053 vision will be mix of these policies and all others will come after. By working really hard, we have managed to equip all over the country with schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, dams and parks. Now, we aspire to a much more difficult, much more vital task, as the addressee is directly the heart and mind of the human being,” he said.

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