Eralp Group to launch chemical factory in Gonen

Aiming to increase its chemical production capacity through products and equipment developed in its own R&D center, Eralp Grup plans to launch a new factory in Gonen by year-end.

The company will begin production of chemical raw materials that are not produced in Turkey, as well as the products that it developed in its own R&D center at the facility, which is under construction on an area of 25,000 square meters of uncovered and 10,000 square meters of closed space, according to Recep Eralp, Chairman of the company.

“We are currently operating in the Mustafakemalpasa •rganized Industrial Zone (OIZ) in Bursa,” he said. “Our production ranges from paper, textile and decontamination to seawater decontamination systems with 1,000 tonnes/hour capacity. In our new facility, we will begin production of our own products that we developed in our R&D center. We’ve received very positive feedback from the field. We aim to reduce imports and increase exports with the chemicals and other products we develop.”


The company also works on turnkey factories and the new Gonen facility will reference this goal, according to Eralp. “Eralp Insaat works in construction, Eralp Makine Kazan Works in machinery, installation and piping and Eralp •tomasyon ve Yazilim Works in te automation processes for the facility,” he said. “•ur company has contributed various factories in its history and now it aims to gain experience by building fully-operational facilities. Unfortunately, the number of fully operational facilities in our country is low. We aim to close the gap and sell fully operational facilities to companies all around the world. This would not only increase Turkey’s added-value but also help Turkey to develop its process engineering.”

Operating under Eralp Grup, Eralp Makine Kazan produces finned pipes, reactors, exchangers, autoclaves and economizers, while Eralp Yazilim •tomasyon and Eralp Insaat operate in different sectors.

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