Elite Naturel eyes domestic growth


Organic, concentrated and natural fruit juice manufacturer Elite Naturel is expecting rapid growth in the domestic market due to increasing demand, according to Cagri Esmekaya, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elite Naturel. The company exports 92% of its products to 30 countries including the U.S., EU, Canada, Japan, China and Brazil. Elite Naturel is a 100% local company and has been operating for 46 years in the sector. “We have received organic certificates from the U.S., EU, Canada, Japan, China, Brazil and Korea. Our products are directly squeezed from organic fruits. This is the biggest difference from others other products,” said Esmekaya. Elite Naturel’s exports totaled USD 24.3m in 2020. This year, the company’s four-month exports have reached USD 6.1m with an export target of USD 37m for the year.

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