Eczacibasi to invest over EUR 250m on its 80th anniversary

The pharmaceutical company Eczacibasi Group plans to invest over EUR 250m in its operations, create more than 1,500 new jobs, and reach an annual turnover of over EUR 150m in 2022 when it celebrates its 80th anniversary, according to Atalay Gumrah, CEO of Eczacibasi. “We’ll primarily develop our R&D activities in nuclear medicine and invest in growth abroad. Collaboration with international organizations which have experience in this field is on the radar of our nuclear products subsidiary, Eczacibasi Monrol,” said Gumrah. In order to meet the needs that will arise from such international collaboration, the company prepares to launch high technology production and R&D innovation center. 

Eczacibasi will also put into use its new manufacturing plant for VitrA Karo, the ceramic tiles firm incorporated by Eczacibasi. It will also invest in its fifth production plant in Bozuyuk to manufacture ceramic medical devices and will set up its fifth paper products facility in Manisa. “Our factory in Morocco will allow us to penetrate the African paper products market. We’ll also invest in Russia. We are also continuing investments in natural resources to facilitate reserve and capacity increase,” said Gumrah. 

On the pharmaceutical marketing side, Eczacibasi aims to continue its operations with international partners and increase the share of products in its portfolio it produces itself through its pharmaceutical production subsidiary, Eczacibasi Ilac Pazarlama. “Digital transformation in health is also on our radar. We are evaluating possible partners and alternative service areas in digital health for the near future,” Gumrah added. 

Eczacibasi will focus on two fields in sustainability: technologies that will be needed by the company for its zero-carbon journey and products, service, and business areas that will facilitate sustainable lifestyles. “We’ll make a 44-megawatt hour renewable energy investment for our own use, including new investments to be made in the next three yours. We are planning all of our new investments so that they create renewable energy capacity for our own use,” said Gumrah. 

The number of people employed by Eczacibasi Group, which will create over 1,500 new jobs with its new investments, will exceed 13,500 people in total. The company’s annual turnover will surpass EUR 150m when these investments reach their full capacity.

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