Capacity utilization down in February

The Capacity Utilization Rate (CUR) in the manufacturing industry decreased by 1.0 points to 76.6% in February, month over month, according to the Central Bank.

The seasonally-adjusted CUR (CUR-SA) also dropped by 0.8 points to 77.2% in the same period.

Capacity utilization declined in consumer goods from 75.6% to 74.9%, in non-durable consumer goods from 76.1% to 75.8%, in intermediate goods from 79.2% to 78.7%, in investment goods from 74.2% to 72.4%, and in durable consumer goods from 72.9% to 70.2% in February, month over month.

CUR figures are calculated by aggregating responses to the Central Bank’s Economic Tendency Survey from 1,718 companies operating in the manufacturing industry.

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