Biotrend to convert trash to clean energy

Doganlar Holding’s plan increase its waste-to-energy plants to 18 this year will result in the conversion of 20% of the country’s domestic waste to heating and clean energy, according to Davut Dogan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Doganlar Holding. “We will reach 18 plants in six regions and 11 provinces across the country after the construction of one biomass power plant and five biogas power plants this year,” said Dogan. Thus, the holding’s subsidiary, Biotrend, will meet the energy need of thousands of houses by converting domestic, agricultural and forestry residues to hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours of electricity. The company will also increase its employment from 293 to 450 with new plants. “Our installed capacity, which currently stands at 55.8 megawatts (MW), will reach 91.5 MW by the end of this year,” said Dogan.

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