Bantboru to set up manufacturing plants on three continents

As part of an agreement with the German carmaker BMW, the automotive tubing and pipe manufacturer Bantboru will set up production plants in five different locations on three continents, according to Sinan Gider, CEO of Bantboru.

The company will also expand its product range with domestic R&D and manufacturing through its collaboration with the U.S.-based electric vehicle startup Fisker and the Canadian mobility technology company Magna.

Bantboru’s Germany facility will deliver the first batch of auto parts to Magna in 2023.

“Our products will be used in eight out of every 100 vehicles across the world with these new projects,” said Gider.

The company will also supply special steel pipes to BMW for five of its models.

Bantboru will carry out global operations in the U.S., Germany, South Africa, the UK, and Hungary.

The company will invest EUR 7m in BMW and Fisker/Magna projects in total. 

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