The defense company ASELSAN aims to increase its turnover to USD 3bn and raise its localization rate to 90%, according to Haluk Gorgun, Chairman and CEO of ASELSAN. The company recorded a turnover of USD 2.3bn in 2020, while its current localization rate has reached 70%. “We focus on critical technology by analyzing all products and systems to be produced by our local suppliers within the scope of production or design,” said Gorgun during his speech at an industrialization event organized in Ankara where ASELSAN and members of the SAHA Istanbul Defense and Aerospace Cluster Association held businessto-business (B2B) talks. ASELSAN is supplied by 252 SAHA Istanbul member companies of which 17 are classified as strategic suppliers. Its partnerships with its suppliers have been brought together under a single integrated platform called ‘Gucumuz Bir’. “We provide support for our suppliers in many categories, from human resources to finance,” said Gorgun.

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