The pharmaceutical company Abdi Ibrahim has won two bronze awards at the U.S.based Stevie International Business Awards. The company, which operated in the pharmaceutical industry for 109 years, acquired 28.5% share in the Switzerland-based biotechnology company OM Pharma in September 2020. Chairman of the Abdi Ibrahim’s board of directors, Nezih Barut, won bronze in the ‘Chairman of the Year’ category. Barut’s win was based on the following factors: his proactive decisions in the manufacturing of drugs used to treat COVID-19; his decision to quickly manufacture and donate COVID-19 medication, which was available worldwide and was made part of the initial treatment regimen for the disease, to the Ministry of Health; as well as his investments in the biotechnology field. Further, under Barut’s leadership, Abdi Ibrahim has been an industry leader in sustainability and the fight against climate change, as demonstrated by AI being the first pharmaceutical company in the country to publicly announce its goal to be carbon neutral by 2030, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Abdi Ibrahim’s investment in OM Pharma, which led the company to become the first and only Turkish firm to have a strategic partnership with a European company, also contributed to the win.

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