Yolcu360 receives Serie A investment

The car rental firm Yolcu360, received a Serie A investment worth USD 6m from Eksim Holding’s subsidiary Eksim Ventures.

The Silicon Valley firm is heading to become a unicorn, a start-up valued over USD 1bn, according to a statement from the company.

The firm’s current value is USD 30m and Eksim Holding’s investment accounted for 20% of the firm’s shares.

Series A, B, C define the potential of growing ventures. After angel investment and seed periods, start-ups in Serie A offer not only great ideas but also have a strong strategy and successful story.

“Yolcu360 attracted 22 million visitors last year, up from 700,000 in 2017,” said Umut Yildirim, CEO of Yolcu360.

The firm offers its customers a choice of 100,000 cars to rent whenever they want.

The firm aims to soon expand its operations to European cities, including London, Rome, Barcelona, and Paris.

Yildirim noted that the car rental sector’s size is around USD 100bn globally.

He added that the firm plans a capital increase by USD 15m after discussions by foreign investors.

The firm was the fastest-growing technology firm in 2020.

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