Yildiz Yatak set to increase production


Operating in the furniture industry, Yildiz Yatak aims to increase its bed, bed-base and headboard production capacity to 5,000 units this year, according to Memet Akif Akyildiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yildiz Yatak. The company increased its production area by 40% and its capacity by 65% with its new factory investment alongside a new machinery investment. “Our customer portfolio mostly consists of furniture sellers; however, we supply products such as beds, bunk beds, blanket, quilt cover sets, and pillows to companies, hotels, dormitories and building sites,” said Akyildiz. Yildiz Yatak exports 40-45% of its outputs to more than 10 countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, South Africa, Togo, Lebanon, Cyprus and Iraq.

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