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The delta variant of the COVID-19 and reactions against the vaccination have led cases to rapidly increase. The number of daily coronavirus cases, which has already started to hike prior to the 9-day holiday, has reached 16,809 as of yesterday. There are concerns about the fourth wave of the pandemic and possible lockdown measures to avoid that. However, representatives of the business world think that other measures than lockdown should be taken this time as the economic consequences may be as dangerous as the pandemic. Speaking to daily DUNYA, they emphasized on obligation for vaccination control as part of the new measures as it is applied in tens of countries, notably European states. “The vaccination is not an option but a social responsibly and that the vaccination control should be performed in social areas,” they noted.  

23 million people aged over 18 has never been inoculated in the country while the number of those who haven’t received the second despite their scheduled appointments has reached 17 million. In the meantime, around 9 million people, who received two doses of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, haven’t applied to a hospital for the third dose.

Money market shows a different course. USD/TRY, which exceeded 8.60 and fell to 8.55 yesterday, hovers around 8.55-8.56 this morning. EUR/TRY is traded at yesterday’s closure level 10.09.

Brent crude increased by 0.2% to USD 74.63 per barrel as the supply is expected to meet the demand and vaccination is on the rise despite increasing coronavirus cases across the world. Spot gold dropped by 0.09% to USD 1,796 per ounce prior to the Federal Reserve’s meeting.


The Ministry of Treasury and Finance will reissue 11-month (322 days) maturity zero coupon treasury bill and 5-year (1,848 days) quarterly TLREF Indexed Government Bond.

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