Waffel Meyer to catch export-driven growth in Turkey


The Germany-based ice cream cone producer Waffel Meyer will aim for export-oriented growth this year in Turkey, according to Wilhelm Meyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Waffel Meyer. The company, which aims for 90% exports, will produce 250 million ice cream cones this year, while it will keep its domestic market share at 10% in Turkey.

“We’ve particularly focused on the Middle East, which represents 60% of our market. We’ve started exports to nine countries such as Iraq, Palestine, and Macedonia. Iran has been included in our markets as of this month,” said Meyer. 

“We’ve also inked a deal with Ukraine and started exports as of this month. While we continue to work for our existing export share of 80%, we aim to increase this figure to 90% with new markets this year,” Meyer added. 

Waffel Meyer performed its first export to the U.S. in December 2021. “As part of the deal with a chocolate manufacturing plant, we’ll export 100 containers of mini cones to the U.S. alone this year. So far, we’ve delivered nearly 3 million products. We’ll export around 55 million products in total,” said Meyer. 

The company, which carries out R&D activities from its R&D center in Germany, spends 50% of turnover for R&D studies in Turkey. 

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