Waffel Meyer prepares its second factory for export


German Waffel Meyer, world’s largest ice cream cone producer, realized its second investment abroad after Poland, in Turkey in 2019 with 30% local capital and an investment budget of approximately EUR 7m. The company which holds 18% of the market share in Turkey in 2020, aims to cover 35% of the market in 2020. Waffel Meyer which exports 55% of its output to African, Middle Eastern and Turkic republics, intends to realize its second investment in Turkey’s free zones and focus entirely on exports in 2023, according to Serdar Oguz, General Manager of Waffel Meyer Turkey.

Aims to use 85% of production capacity

Oguz stated that the company operated with 60% capacity due to the pandemic but aims to triple its turnover with increasing the capacity to 85%. The company choses Bursa for investment considering its proximity to the customer and raw materials, he said. Bursa plant has the largest installed capacity in Turkey with an annual production of 300 million cones, 120 tonnes crunch and 120 million crossies. Oguz declared that the company worked towards exports despite the pandemic, and aims to develop projects in new markets in 2021. With the realization of these projects, the export share of the company will increase to 65%. The company plans to build the new plant in the free zone since their goal is to work 100% on exports. “We haven’t decided on a location yet. We want to reap the benefits of being located in the free zone. After this investment, we will channel 100% of our existing facility to the domestic market,” Oguz Said. “While we used 60% of our installed capacity with the existing five production lines in 2020, this year we increased the number of production lines to seven. Our goal is to use 85% of the new capacity,” he added.

3 billion output in global production

Oguz underlined that production in their 3,000 square meter facility in Kayaba Organized Industrial Site is fully automated and untouched and their facilities in Turkey employ 35 people. He added that of the 11 people currently working, 60% are women. The company with a production capacity of 3 billion output, employs 200 people globally.

Oguz stated that the company had a market and product-development-oriented production focus and signaled preparations for new products that will be offered in Turkey. “We have the R&D and P&D capacity to add value to the range of products offered in our European center. With the contribution of machinery manufacturers in Turkey, we are preparing innovative new products that are on demand. As a company, we are aware of the need for different products both at home and abroad,” said Oguz.

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