Uras Holding to manufacture polymer powder with a EUR 15m investment


Uras Holding initiated the polymer powder production plant project with an investment of nearly EUR 15m. The facility will be completed in 2022.

Operating in the chemical industry with its subsidiaries, Uras Holding will build a polymer production plant with a EUR 15m investment in Ergene Tekirdag, according to a company statement. The infrastructure of the project will be set up out by the chemical industry company GEA Turkey. The facility will be established in the Velimese Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) on an area of 17,000 square meters. Polymer powder, mainly used in the building sector, will be manufactured in the production plant. As polymer powder is imported with high volumes, production plant to be set up will support the domestic market supply and exports.

Infrastructure investments started

The agreement towards infrastructure investments signed between Uras Holding’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Ozavsar and GEA Turkey’s Liquid and Powder Technologies Division Head Burak Pabuccuoglu. “The output to be manufactured has a critical importance for the construction sector,” said Ozavsar. “GEA Turkey will contribute to the facility’s spray drying system,” said Pabuccuoglu. . Export is planned in the medium term in order to decline external dependence.

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