UNLU & Co files for initial public offering

Turkey’s leading investment services and asset management group UNLU Yatirim Holding (UNLU & Co) has taken the first step towards an initial public offering (IPO), and filed an application with the Capital Markets Board (CMB) for the IPO of 25% of the company’s shares. UNLU & Co has mandated Yapi Kredi Yatirim Menkul Değerler A.S. (Yapı Kredi Investment Securities) for the IPO process. “We are proud to have taken the first step towards sharing our achievements and the value created in the past 25 years, by offering our shares to the public,” said in a press release by the company.

Established as an independent financial advisory firm in 1996, UNLU & Co continues its activities today as Turkey’s and the region’s leading investment services and asset management group. UNLU & Co Group is the leading M&A advisor in Turkey with 121 successful transactions it has advised since 1996. The Group is also the leader in the total number of transactions, the total number of cross-border transactions, and the total number of private fund transactions since 2010, according to Mergermarket.

Having placed shares worth USD 3 bn with 32 transactions via public offerings, secondary public offerings and accelerated book building transactions between 2010-2020, UNLU & Co Group ranks second among all financial institutions with a market share of 22% in capital market transactions, excluding privatizations.

UNLU & Co Group has also placed a volume exceeding TRY 1.7 bn in corporate bond issues through 20 transactions since 2013.

UNLU & Co Group also offers personalized investment advisory services to qualified individuals and institutional investors through DAHA Investment Advisory. Assets under management in DAHA have reached TRY 4.80 bn s at the end of February 2021. UNLU & Co Group asset management services, with a team exceeding 280, provides Fund and Portfolio Management, UNLU Alternative Investments, and Non-performing Loan Management services. Assets managed by the Asset Management group have reached TRY 4.77 bn.

Headquartered in Istanbul and operating with a team of almost 500, UNLU & Co Group also has offices in Istanbul-Bagdat Street, Ankara and Izmir, along with brokerage houses in New York and London.

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