Turkey messages from Merkel before the critical summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that they will discuss how to start high-level contact with Turkey again, in her statement before the European Union (EU) leaders summit. 

Starting this afternoon, European Union leaders will discuss the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine deliveries, and the delicate state of relations with both Turkey and Russia in a virtual two-day summit. 

Chancellor Merkel also spoke about Turkey before EU summit. Here are the highlights from Merkel’s comments:

– We will discuss how to re-start high-level contacts with Turkey,

– We expect Turkey to raise its standards on human rights and the rule of law.

– There are signs that Turkey lowers the tension in the eastern Mediterranean.

– Turkey accepting 3.6 million Syrian refugees deserves to be appreciated.

US President Joe Biden will also attend the meeting to discuss transatlantic cooperation with EU leaders.

The summit, originally planned to be held face-to face, will start on Thursday afternoon. The leaders will discuss the continuing COVID-19 pandemic – now over a year old – including how to speed up vaccine production and deliveries among EU member states, as well as technical issues with vaccine travel certificates planned to be introduced by this summer.

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