Treasury to repay USD 11.3bn debt in March-May

The Treasury will repay debt worth TRY 156.2bn (USD 11.3bn) in the next three months, according to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

The Treasury will repay TRY 104.6bn (USD 7.56bn) in external debt, including TRY 28.5bn (USD 2bn) in interest payments.

This March to May, some TRY 51.5bn (USD 3.7bn) of domestic debt redemption is also projected – with TRY 21.3bn (USD 1.54bn) of this amount in interest payments, and the rest in principal payment.

According to the ministry’s borrowing strategy, the Treasury will borrow TRY 184bn (USD 13.3bn) from domestic markets in the next three months.

The Treasury projects to hold 22 bond auctions and direct sale of lease certificates – no planned external borrowing – in the three-month period.

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