TIL’s sole ownership of Marport denied


The Competition Board did not give approval for the share transfer of Marport to Swedish Terminal Investment. Owned by Arkas Group, the biggest fleet owner in Turkey, the share transfer of Marport to its foreign partner Terminal Investment was under investigation of the board for some time. The Competition Board decided that the share transfer would significantly reduce effective competition, and did not give approval for the transaction.

The result of the application, which was made to the Competition Board on June 25, 2020, was announced on March 15. Terminal Investment, which is currently a partner in Marport, wanted to take over the entire shares. 

Terminal Investment Limited Sàrl (TIL), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, was founded in 2000 by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). It is the operator of 37 terminals in 26 countries around the world. The company, whose main strategy is to establish joint ventures with other international container operators, has collaborations in this direction in many parts of the world.

Terminal Investment partnered with Arkas Group in Marport since 2001 in line with its main strategy. Serving in Ambarli Port since 1996, Marport provides services as a container terminal to third parties, mainly its foreign partner MSC and Arkas Group. TIL Holding has some other partnerships with other groups in Turkey, together with its parent company MSC. Together with the container and cruise giant MSC, it owns a 50% stake in Marport, 49.9% in Assan Port and 70% in Asyaport.

Marport performs 62.5% of the volume of containers handled in Turkey’s Marmara region. 

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