Sisecam and Ciner Group to make joint USD 4bn soda ash investment in the U.S.

The glass manufacturer Sisecam and Ciner Group will make a joint USD 4bn soda ash investment in the U.S., according to a statement from Sisecam. As part of the planned investment, Sisecam, which currently has equal shares with Ciner Group in the Pacific Natural Soda Ash Development Project, will acquire additional shares to become a 60% shareholder in the project, and will also purchase a 60% stake in Ciner Group’s Atlantic soda ash development project as well as in its Wyoming soda ash production plant.

With this investment, the two companies will together develop the Pacific and Atlantic projects and expand their impact area with a USD 4bn investment in the American natural soda ash market.

“From 2025 onward, the Pacific and Atlantic investments will gradually become operational in line with our investment plans. The new facilities will reach full capacity in 2027,” said Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kirman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sisecam. Sisecam’s controlled soda ash production capacity, which currently totals 2.5 million tons, will exceed 10 million tons with these new facilities.

“We’ll build an integrated production base with an annual capacity of 8 million tons as a result of the investments we will make in Wyoming, in the U.S. This facility will be the world’s largest integrated [soda ash] production base in a single location,” said Kirman. Ciner Group’s Wyoming facility currently has a production capacity of nearly 2.5 million tons per year, while the Pacific and Atlantic soda ash development projects have a production capacity of around 5 million tons per year.

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