Sintek Group debuts in Netherlands


Sintek Group, a company that operates in various industries including building materials, mining, logistics, and engineering, has penetrated the Dutch market, according to Onur Atakay, Founding Partner of Sintek Group. 

“We plan to carry out projects abroad. That’s why we established our subsidiary Sintek BV for our Dutch operation and penetrated the Dutch market. We aim to reach the African and the U.S. markets from the Netherlands,” said Atakay. 

Apart from Turkey, the company haas participated in various projects in Europe and Africa in fields such as cement manufacturing plants, power plants, and the iron-steel industry. 

“We participated in the construction of cement manufacturing plants for companies such as Askale Cimento, Limak Group of Companies, and Votorantim Cimentos Turkey. We oversaw the new integrated production line project for the cement firm Medcem Cimento for its new cement manufacturing plant in 2021,” Atakay noted.

The company also aims to grow in the logistics sector with its subsidiary Sintek Logistics, which was set up to carry out transportation for Sintek Group’s industrial facility projects.  Sintek Group, which started to operate in 2005 with its mining subsidiary Sintek Madencilik, currently employs 750 people.

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