Short-term foreign debt at USD 125.5bn in January

Turkey’s short-term foreign debt stock totaled USD 125.5bn as of the end of January, according to the Central Bank.

The external debt due to be paid over the next 12 months increased 4.3% from the end-2021, the bank said in a statement.

In this period, lenders’ short-term external debt stock rose 2.9% to USD 53bn, while other sectors’ short-term external debt stock climbed 6.1% to USD 45.3bn.

The trade credits due to imports under other sectors amounted to USD 40.1bn, up 7.2% during the same period.

“The short-term debt of public sector, which consists of public banks, increased by 1.5% to USD 22.6bn and the short-term debt of private sector increased by 5.2% to USD 75.7bn compared to the end of 2021,” the bank noted.

As of the end of January, some 45.7% of the debt stock was in USD, 25.9% in EUR, 9.3% in TRY, and the remaining 19.1% in other currencies.

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