Sabanci Holding launches TRY 200m investment for employees

Sabanci Holding plans to invest over TRY 200m in employees in two years within the scope of the road map of its plan prepared in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Turkey.

Sabanci Holding prepares for the ‘Adaptation of the Future of Business’, one of the five main topics concentrated by the group within the scope of the 2021-2025 strategy, with a comprehensive action plan consisting of 500 items. The plan to involve all subsidiaries under the umbrella of Sabanci Holding will be executed under 7 titles and 34 sub-titles.

Accordingly, a separate road map will be prepared for each company under the titles of ‘remote working’, ‘mental and physical health’, ‘flexible labor and high performance’, ‘ability and skills management’, ‘leadership of the future’, ‘purpose-driven organization and culture’, ‘digital, data-driven and agile organization’.

Sabanci Group subsidiaries are aimed to be among best practices of their sectors in the world in the ‘future of business’ field, when all actions are completed. Over TRY 200m investment is will be made in employees within 2 years as part of the road map.

75% of white and grey collars will work remotely

Everyone corresponding to the job description will remotely work as part of the outstanding implementations included in the plan. Remote working approaches initiated two years ago within the group and accelerated during the pandemic will become permanent. 75% of white and grey color workers in the group will be in the scope of remote working by the model identified in two different plans as ‘completely remote’ and ‘mixed remote working’.

Numerous implementations offering ‘freelance’ or ‘part-time’ working options will be carried out and generalized, in which Sabanci employees will be able to commonly use the locations owned by different Sabanci subsidiaries, determine working hours and work with flexible times.

Supports for employees will be increased

Supports given to remotely working employees will be diversified. Alongside of some fixed cost supports (internet, food, electronic working equipment etc.) supports towards ergonomic needs (worktable, chair etc.) will be included in the scope. Moreover, numerous supports such as Business-Private Life Support Implementations (meeting-free hours, communication rules) and Remote Working Trainings will continue.

Support programs including all employees will be enriched with additional health, physical, spiritual and mental support packages. Anxiety and stress management, parent-child relationship supports, sports-fitness-dietitian supports, online psychological and counseling sessions will be included in the scope of these packages.

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