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2021: A brave new world?

WELL, that is the end, folks! We have finally come to the anti-climax and first, all positive expectations, and then all the calamity forecasts are borne out by events; they have become realities. The new era is not only characterized by lower interest rates, but also by lower growth throughout the global economy. It is...


Endogeneity of the money supply and credit

IT IS TIME to offer a few guesstimates on what 2021 may bring. My focus is on the Turkish economy and finances. First, a very quick reminder of what has happened over the last three years. I am concentrating on monetary policy only, not on structural weaknesses and such. I emphasize endogenous money, and don’t...


Interest rate up, sales down!

HOUSE sales and secondhand transfers have decreased to levels that are considered normal. We neither see the lows we saw in April and May nor the highs due to advantageous loans. The interest rate on housing loans increased by nearly 2 points in the first week of December compared to the November average. That’s why...