Petlas eyes USD 250m export this year

Tire manufacturer Petlas aims to increase its exports nearly by 25% from USD 200m to USD 250m this year, according to a statement by AKO Group, parent company of Petlas.

“Our goal for 2021 is to raise our export revenues we provide for the country by 20% to 25% as well as to continue our contibutions to the county with an approximate export volume of USD 250m,” said Abdulkadir Ozcan, Member of the Board of Directors of Petlas. He also emphasized that the company obtained successful results particularly on the export side in Q1 this year.

USD 60 m investment for exports to the U.S

Countries with large-scale automotive industries and markets such as the U.S., Germany and Italy are among Petlas’ export markets spreading 120 different countries in 6 continents. On the other hand, Petlas, which take actions with aggressive targets towards the U.S. market, plans to increase its exports to the country to USD 100m in the medium and long term. The company’s USD 60m worth investment continues in this direction.

Investments for diversification of the existing product range and efficiency increase continue in parallel with capacity increase carried out in Petlas last year, according to Ozcan. “Petlas manufactures and sells to the world high quality tires in 2,500 different sizes and 80 different designs used by passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors, military and security forces, industrial off-the-road vehicles and fighter aircrafts,” Ozcan said, stressing that investments towards the domestic market and exports will unrestingly continue.

The company also aims to maintain growth in the whole product range and particularly in truck and bus tires.

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