New closure case against HDP

The Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a lawsuit demanding the permanent closure of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The indictment was sent to the Constitutional Court. The indictment requesting the closure of HDP, which was returned by the Constitutional Court with the request of completing the deficiencies, was re-prepared by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

The 850-page indictment signed by the Supreme Court Chief Public Prosecutor Bekir Sahin was sent back to the Constitutional Court. The indictment, which asked for a political ban on about 500 party members, also demands a measure to be placed on the party’s bank account.

The Constitutional Court appointed a rapporteur for the first review of the file. The rapporteur is expected to complete his report within 15 days and present it to the Supreme Court delegating.

Dissolution of political parties are determined by the Supreme Court upon the lawsuit filed by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Constitutional Court may decide to partially or completely deprive the relevant political party of state aid instead of permanent closure, depending on the gravity of the acts in question.

The court can decide with a two-thirds majority of the members attending the meeting, that is, with the votes of 10 out of 15 members. Cases regarding the dissolution of political parties are examined and finalized by the General Assembly over the file, by applying the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure No. 5271 in accordance with the nature of the case.

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