NASA awards technology company Nanosilver

The nanotechnology company Nanosilver’s product will be used by NASA in space studies, according to Tanra Gurcay, CEO of Nanosilver.

NASA awarded the nanotechnology company Nanosilver, which conducts R&D activities in Teknopark Istanbul, with a nanosized silver project. 

Established by young entrepreneurs Rona Gurcay and Tanra Gurcay, Nanosilver provides raw material by producing nanosized noble metals, according to a statement from Teknopark.

It previously received two other awards from the International Conference on Nanotechnology and the 6th World Congress on New Technologies in the U.S.

The company is currently working on two silver-based projects with NASA.

The firm’s products are used in the medical, robotics, space, food, tourism, textile, durable goods, purifier, agriculture, and livestock fields.

“Nano silver technology is used in space research. In extraterrestrial research, no microorganism should be transported from the world to space so that there are no misleading results,” said CEO Tanra Gurcay.

“For this reason, vehicle surfaces are covered with nano silver. The nano-silver technique we developed within the scope of the project we presented to NASA and won first place will be used in NASA’s space studies, surface coating designs and water treatment projects.”

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