Mars Logistics makes EUR 10m freight car investment

The logistics company Mars Logistics has invested EUR 10m in the purchase of 90 freight cars, according to Erdin Erengul, Railway Deputy General Manager of Mars Logistics.

“Intermodal and rail transport is the field where we want to operate and increase investments given that it is sustainable, environmentally-friendly, reliable, and carries a high amount of freight at once,” said Erengul.

“Apart from on the railway routes we already operate in Germany and Czechia, we’ll use these new freight cars on other routes in Europe,” Erengul added.

Mars Logistics, which will be making intermodal and rail transport investments for the next five years, offers services on the Trieste-Betterbourg, Halkali-Duisburg, and Halkali-Kolin lines.

“We’ll increase the share of intermodal and rail transport in total business volume with these new investments and with the new routes routes we will be announcing soon,” said Erengul. 

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