With its base in the Istanbul Leather Organized Industrial Zone, LIVZYM Biotechnologies has plans to narrow the gap between Turkey’s enzyme imports and exports with expanded exports to Africa, Russia, and the Middle East, according to Dr. Serdal Uysal, General Manager and CEO of LIVZYM Biotechnologies. “The size of the enzyme industry has exceeded USD 10bn today, USD 2bn of which is consumed in the region where Turkey is located,” said Uysal. Our R&D and production facility, which projects annual enzyme exports of nearly USD 1bn, will transform the country into a biotechnology hub in the near future. The aim this year is to reach sales of USD 1-1.5m sales. LIVZYM will also reduce Turkey’s annual enzyme imports, amounting to USD 150m, by making products for the industrial enzyme sector, which is currently 100% dependent on imports. “At LIVZYM, we will develop specialized skills in biotechnology with a university industry collaboration model for industrial enzyme manufacturing,” said Uysal. The facility is also focused on the food industry and food enzymes. “We’ll produce 5,000 tonnes per year on average with our current capacity,” said Uysal. LIVZYM aims to develop 10 different enzyme portfolios.

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