Koc Holding subsidiary Koc Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri (KocSavunma) which specializes in underwater electronics and acoustics has delivered its systems for six new Reis-class submarines following production and factory acceptance tests. KocSavunma, which also inked a deal with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems for the Torpedo Countermeasure System in August 2011, has assumed responsibility for six separate projects providing submarines with advanced technologies. “We successfully carried out user and maintenance trainings under our responsibility and we met all obligations earlier than projected. We also completed all project processes with an over 75% localization rate,” said Hakan Oktem, Executive Director of KocSavunma. The collaboration, which includes new contracts to develop vital advanced technology systems used in new generation submarines, is expected to be expanded globally and contribute to the country’s defense exports.

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