Keten Grup transforms Laleli Tas Han into a luxury hotel


Keten Grup is transforming Laleli Tas Han, one of the oldest commercial complexes of Istanbul, into a hotel. The hotel, which is expected to open within a year, will serve for high-end tourism market.

Continuing its tourism investments as well as real estate, Keten Grup will transform Laleli Tas Han, which was founded in 1763 by Sultan Mustafa III, into a hotel. The historical commercial complex, which has hosted many TV series and movies, will be restored faithfully with TRY 100m investment. It will be one of the most special historical hotels in Istanbul due to its well-preserved condition and age, said Keten. “The commercial complex, which has two courtyards, has been waiting idle for a long time. We rented the hotel for a long term in return for restoration investments. We aim for the hotel to host its customers within a year.”

To host Northern European and American tourists 

Keten Grup is planning the 6,000 square-meter complex to serve as a 59-room hotel for high-end tourism market. “We aim to host mainly Northern European and American tourists in the hotel, where we consider the overnight accommodation price to be three times the average of Istanbul,” Keten said. The company is considering to turn one of the two courtyards of the building into a culture and art space, initiatives and preparations are continuing in this regard, Keten noted. 

The number of beds Keten Grup have in Istanbul will reach 500 with the completion of the project. Their third hotel project will start at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year in Taksim. Keten stated that they will include 25 studio apartments in this hotel, which they will implement as a renovation project, in order to respond to the increasing demand for large rooms. Ferhat Keten said that housing projects of the group mainly in the city center of Istanbul continue.

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