Kendall+Kylie enters Turkey

Founded by the Jenner Sisters, Kendall and Kylie, the U.S.-based clothing company Kendall+Kylie will enter the Turkish market to manufacture, according to Cem Tunakan, Omni-Channel Expansion Chief Advisor of Turkey, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India for Kendall+Kylie.

The company, which will carry out its Turkey operation under the leadership of Yatirim Holding, will manufacture its clothing collection in the country and sell it to foreign markets.

“We’ll export through e-commerce. We’ll be active in fashion-oriented marketplaces and other digital channels in the Gulf countries, the Middle East, Africa, South Africa, and Eastern Europe,” said Tunakan.

Kendall+Kylie, which will initially offer its products on the e-commerce platform Trendyol, will also launch online shopping in Turkey. The next goal of the company is to launch its first store at Istanbul Airport and to manufacture cosmetics in Turkey.

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