Hunger limit doesn’t fit in wallets; new banknote is needed


The hunger limit, which totaled TRY 735 in January 2009 when current banknotes started circulating, reached TRY 9,425 in February. It was enough to have four TRY 200 banknotes in the wallet. It’s impossible to fit in the current hunger limit as there is no wallet where 47 TRY 200 banknotes can fit. The TurkStat inflation has hit 650% since January 2009. The purchasing power of TRY 200 in January 2009 corresponds to TRY 1,500 today. 28% and nearly 33% of banknotes in circulation consist of TRY 200 and TRY 100, respectively, as of February. TRY 200 and TRY 100 banknotes accounted for 3.2% and 14% of all banknotes in circulation, respectively, in January 2009. The share of TRY 200 in the total value of banknotes in circulation rose from 14% in January 2009 to 58% in February. TRY 200 and TRY 100 banknotes account for over 90% of the total value of banknotes in circulation. As a result of high inflation, banknotes with a higher value had to be issued. But the authority seems to consider this as a defeat against high inflation.

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